What is Passage/Paragraph Indexing On Google?

Hello friends, welcome to your Smart Tech Mukesh blog. And today we will try to know in this article that finally Passage Indexing Kya Hai? Also, will we know which steps we need to follow to get featured in this passage indexing?

Talking of Google, Google has been increasing its algorithm from day to day to improve its SERP. And in this case, the name comes out, what is passage indexing? So below we will learn about it .

What is Passage Indexing?

When it comes to SEO, a number of rankings are revealed in Google. In addition, Google also keeps launching new algorithms. In such a situation, almost people do not know what Passage Indexing is. Let me tell you that we only know the passage indexing by the name of Paragraph Indexing.

Let me tell you that Google announced the launch of Google Search 2020 Event this Passage Indexing. Under this feature, Google will also index a particular paragraph from now on. And will also show this paragraph in Featured Snippets.

What is Passage / Paragraph Indexing Features?

As I told you above that in order to make Google its SERP (Search engine results pages) better and better, within a few days time new updates such as the recently launched Google May Core Update and Google December 2020 Core Update Keeps bringing
Along with this, Google keeps updating its old algorithms as well as launching new algorithms. We have already read about this Passage Indexing Kya Hai. But after the introduction of this feature, now you can also show a particular paragraph in the SERP by indexing any of the entire posts written by you.

How to write passable indexing articles?

As Google has announced that it is going to pay more attention to Paragraph Indexing from now on. And now it is the turn of bloggers. How can we write to our blogpost or article that we can quickly get a rank in the passage indexing.

Before this, know how the Passage Indexing Feature works? From now on, while crawling your article, Google's Crawler Bots will be able to crawl any special powerful paragraph and show it in Google SARP. Now Passage Indexing SEO Tricks has been shared with you to write the following article.

  1. While writing the article, use each paragraph as a short paragraph. Which has 40 to 60 words.
  2. As many "How to" paragraphs, write them in Bullet Points Style.
  3. Always try to write your main Keyword in Bold, Italic, Underline only.
  4. Note that while writing the article, keep Grammar in mind for SEO Friendly.

Conclusion :-

So friends, how did you like the article about Passage Indexing Kya Hai: Paragraph Indexing Feature in Hindi. Make sure to comment below and share this article as well.

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